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Every morning, Sund & Bælt’s road service team makes a trip across the Storebælt Bridge to pick up litter and check that all safety precautions are in order as far as road safety is concerned.

The aim is for the entire road section across Storebælt to be at least as safe to drive on as Denmark’s other motorways. Intensive monitoring of traffic and weather conditions on the bridge are an important part of road safety.

Monitoring of the bridge’s motorway takes place around the clock, all year round, from the so-called O Room – monitoring room – at the toll station in Halsskov from where security staff are able to inform drivers via signs, sms and emails.  The security team can also dispatch a road patrol to assist on the bridge at short notice, e.g. to remove stranded vehicles. It is also the security team’s job to summon an ambulance and the police.

On the motorway sections before the bridge and on the bridge itself, there are a number of dynamic signs. These are used in special situations to inform road users about conditions on the bridge, e.g. wind, slippery conditions or congestion.

Seven weather stations are located on the link that report changes in wind and weather, including slippery conditions. Technical monitoring means that preventive winter road maintenance and warnings of strong crosswinds can be issued in good time.

CCTV cameras are installed at many places along the bridge, including at the barriers and at the top of the pylons. This allows traffic to be monitored from the O Room and by the Southern Jutland and Lolland Falster police force.

Storebælt Contingency Service

In partnership with relevant authorities, Sund & Bælt Holding A/S has established a contingency service that comes into play in the event of an accident on the Storebælt fixed link. Read more about Storebælt Contingency Service.

Operation of Storebælt’s road and railway

A number of operational tasks on both the Storebælt fixed link and Storebælt’s railway are outsourced. Some of the tasks are outsourced in partnership with Banedanmark.

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Language: English