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A natural pearl in the middle of Storebælt


Sprogø in the middle of Storebælt connects the Storebælt link’s bridges and tunnel. The island measures 154 hectares and as part of the construction work quadrupled in size. Sprogø is the storry about an old island with its own history and unique nature.

Sprogø's exiting story, rich in number of animal and plant species

Over the past 20 years, nature conservation at Sprogø has focused on preserving and developing nature on the island.

According to a new report, Sprogø is today a natural perl for breeding and resting birds

Natural protected area

The Storebælt fixed link and Sprogø are located in a Natura 2000 area. Such areas are characterised by special forms of nature or animals which require a particular conservation effort. In addition, certain buildings on Sprogø are listed and nature conservation on the island is in accordance with the conservation plans for the island, which have been approved by Slagelse municipality.

On Sprogø, consideration is shown for the rare sandwich terns that live on the island. Sund & Bælt has good experience with improving the conditions of sandwich terns and increasing the number, i.e. through the control of herring gulls.

The rich wildlife of Sprogø includes the rare green toad and a number of bird species. According to the conservation plans for the protected Old Sproø, the area's character of beach meadow must be preserved in such a way that Old and New Sprogø are part of a natural landscape context.

Army veterans look after Sprogø

Sund & Bælt is more than just steel, concrete and transport. We are also people focused. 

In 2017, we entered into an agreement with the socio-economic organisation, VeteranHaven. Veterans have been helping us to look after Sprogø ever since. 

At the moment, four veterans are permanently employed on the island. They maintain the listed buildings and are involved in transforming large parts of Sprogø’s green areas into wild nature. 

We welcome this opportunity to work with our veterans and we take pride in offering them a stable daily life.  

The buildings on Sprogø

From 1922 to 1961, the main buildings on the island housed a women's institution, where young girls were placed if they, for example. became pregnant out of wedlock or otherwise did not fit into the norms of the time.

Sprogø is currently uninhabited, but there is limited access to the island for tourists on guided tours, which are arranged by Korsør Tourist Office and Nyborg Tourist Office.

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