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Digital projects
Industry solution extends global infrastructure

Industry solution monitors infrastructure

We combine IBM’s digital solutions with our many years of experience in maintaining some of the world’s largest bridges and tunnels in the industry solution, Maximo for Civil Infrastructure.

The industry solution enables infrastructure managers to make a precise assessment of when and to what extent a bridge or tunnel requires maintenance. In short, the system can map the structural health of a bridge or tunnel and provide early warnings of deterioration and damage.

We are constantly working on digital solutions as a replacement for manual processes. More specifically, this has resulted in the streamlining of operations and the saving of substantial costs. Digital solutions have also meant that the service life of the Storebælt Bridge can be extended by between 50 and 100 years.

Market for bridge owners across the world

As infrastructure ages and traffic pressure increases, it is crucial to use new methods to keep infrastructure facilities safe and operational without increasing costs. 

Working with global technology partners like IBM helps us to secure the future operation of our links. We also welcome the fact that experience from our operations will benefit industry organisations across the world.

This is not only for our benefit but also for the owners of infrastructure and operators who are responsible for enhancing global connectivity.

"Tools such as Artificial Intelligence, predictive maintenance and drones play a decisive role in being prepared for rising maintenance costs.”
Bjarne Jørgensen, Director for O&M, Sund & Bælt
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Language: English